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Kuroi’s Customize Shoe Commission

Since this is my first time, I’m going to take the first three commissions only (you may message my lj), which means, new commission will only be opened after I finish the first 3 commissions.


Information required for commission:
1) Shoe size: In my country, shoe sizing system are ranging from Europe, UK to US/Canada system. Therefore, to synchronize the shoe size system, you may need to measure the length of your feet according to the procedure as shown in this site. Meaning you need to let me know the size of your feet in cm. Make sure you do it properly as I may not responsible if the shoes do not fit.
2) Artwork: You may let me know what kind of images or perhaps the theme of art that you want me to draw on your shoes. Fanart is allowed but creativity will be solely from my own side as I will not copy fanart or original art from other artist that available in the network. Meaning, you can’t ask me to copy any artwork reference that you found in the internet.
3) Payment: For a pair of shoes the price will range from USD 15 - 25, based on how detail the artwork will be. This price has not yet include the shipping fee as it is different from one to another country. Payment shall be made via PayPal. I’ll inform the actual price including shipping fee via PayPal invoice. You may pay me before or after the package has already in your hand, depending on your convenience. I’ll inform you immediately after I’ve already delivered the package, and afterwards, I shall send you a money request via PayPal to your e-mail.
4) Address/Contact information: Please do leave me a complete address, in order for your package to reach you safely. I’ll do my best to pack the shoes properly to avoid any possible damages. The condition of the shoes that have been delivered to you shall not be under my responsibility since I’ve already guaranteed a proper packaging beforehand. And also please do give me your e-mail where I can send the money request from Paypal.

Any inquiries? Please do message me to my e-mail: teruterubozu_104@yahoo.com.

Kuro x Fai ^o^

Love X Desire
by ~kanryuzonas104 on deviantART

THIS IS RANDOM::Convocation Flowers::

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My Obsession?! KhunWoo?!
smiling angel wooyoung
Lately, I just love making a special MV of KhunWoo's. LOL, I just can't help myself but to channel out my feeling of obsession towards this couple. And therefore, I ended up making MVs and even a trailer, as if there is a movie featuring Khunnie~ & Wooyoungie~

Maybe, I should make a trailer of movie featuring all members of 2PM & Jay. LOL, it will be quite hard, I think ^^;

No Doubt: Epik High is EPIC!

I just can't wait this coming 9th of March....BECAUSE...that day is the day when Epik High's latest album: EPILOGUE will be officially released. They never fail to amaze me...

I knew them through a song entitled "Fan". I fell in love in an instant with the song at the moment I listened to it. Then, followed by "One", "1 minute, 1 second", "Umbrella", "Wannabe" and now.....the upcoming "Run"....KYA~~~ I can feel the energetic tense from this waiting.

EPIK HIGH! Fighting ^_^

I chose to believe...

photo credits+suigintou-loever

With all the never-ending, circulating rumours & so-called "facts" about the true colours & the bad behaviours that the 2PM boys had portrayed during the other day's conference, I chose to believe in the minority voice. The voice that I meant is of those who are still supporting the 6 members of 2PM (1:59PM @ 6PM - whatsoever, as for me they are still & always be 2PM). It is because most of the time LIES exist in the LOUDEST voice of all.

People kept on saying that the 6 members were backstabbing Jay by mentioning the heavy personal mistakes that have been done by him. The fans kept on saying that Jaebeom had been thrown away from the bus by the other members.

As for me, I believe, JYPE are not that stupid  to make this kind of move, which fans kept on claiming as LIES. JYPE is a big, well-experienced entertainment industry, they have strategy & they know what will benefit them the most. However, still JYPE chose the harder ways to solve this problem instead of bringing Jay back into 2PM. If they just accept Jay back, wouldn't it be much more SIMPLE! So then, people won't keep on questioning them. However, anti-fans will definitely make their move - this is what the other 2PM members really want to avoid from happening again to their Jay hyung...So why do you guys think they have to come to this kind of solution? The only rational thing that I can come up with is because there is actually the truth behind all of the things that have been said by the members in the conference.

If  2PM members really want to bring Jay down for good, they would have just say it out loud about "the severe personal mistake" (they can come up with any kind of lies to tarnish Jay's image) caused by Jay in the conference or perhaps through public media. But they chose to keep on silent, despite of all the negative critiques and betrayal of fans that they have to confront at this time being. Why they have to do it this far, things have turn against them, yet they chose silence is the best, though obviously it is not the "best" for their own good. Thus, perhaps they did tell the truth of trying to help Jay by taking this decision.

I only want to see these boys stay healthy, happy and successful. Therefore, the release of 2PM album this coming April is indeed something that I am looking forward to. And as for Jay, I will also continue following his current activities time by time. He was and will always be the Leadja after all. I hardly can forget that of course.SUPPORT 2PM & Jay as they are now~! 

BTW, by reading this article, people might be able to see this controversy through a brighter light:


As I am still an official international Hottest, I will always stick to positive comments about the guys. People should learn to see others' good side rather than trying to find their mistakes and bad sides.

2PM Stay Strong~!!!!!!

Jay's version of My Heart & 2PM's latest single "follow your soul"
The title says it all.

I don't know if it is real one or not. But somehow, it feels as if Jay was still around during Heartbeat recording. Some source even say that he/she had seen a video of Jay along with the 6 members practicing Heartbeat dancing!! You can read it HERE.

Download Jaebeom's version of My Heart HERE. Thank you to jaypark for sharing this.

And here is the latest single of 2PM entitled "Follow your Soul" for OPPO mobile.
Thank you to onedayislove for such a fast update.

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That IS Hawt!
smiling angel wooyoung
Oh WoW! This is indeed a very sexy & hot shot of Chansung. I seldom attracted to Chansung's pics as I prefer to see him moving rather than seeing him in static posing. But this one here is absolutely eye-catching! Go our maknae Chansungie~!

This photo is not mine. Photo credits+ as tagged ^_^
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Cute Policeman?
Just wanna share some photos of Wooyoung from Cass CF drama MV. Kya~~!!!! He is such a cute policeman.

[I do not own all these pics. All credits are as tagged on those photos. And thank you to onedayislove for uploading them ]

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